Latest Architectural Visualization piece based on Seattle buildings

My latest arch viz piece is based on some of the modern buildings in and around Seattle…

architectural visualization seattle

I’ve been driving and wandering around Seattle, seeing all the cool and funky architecture, taking pics and thought I’d create a piece based on this minimalist style…

Here’s my finished architectural exterior shot:

Seattle Minimalist Architecture

Ok, so the backdrop is hardly the Pacific North West, it’s Iceland, but I wanted the architecture to stand in stark contrast to an even more minimalist surrounding.

Although the architectural influence isn’t strictly tied to Seattle or the Pacific North West, the style and materials used were very much influenced by photos I’ve taken around the area. There’s great use of natural materials amongst more synthetic materials, but overall there tends to be a movement away from purely synthetic.

Here are a few examples:

Seattle Architecture

architectural visualization seattle

architectural visualization seattle

And in terms of the more minimalist influence:

architectural visualization seattle

My piece began as a basic block-in (excuse the car, I was originally going to have that as a focal point until I realized it was distracting from the architecture)

architectural visualization seattle

architectural visualization seattle

Then it was a matter of referring to my inspiration photos for materials and once that was established, using furnishings and various objects to guide the eye around the piece. Composition is a very key element and shouldn’t just¬†merely be sufficient, it should be clean, simple and strong.

architectural visualization seattle


I then proceeded to work on the interior shot. This was less about reference-gathering but instead was designed to be a very graphic shot to compliment the exterior.

architectural visualization seattle

Notes on the creation process

I can’t take credit for the¬†furniture here, but I created the lighting, textures and everything else. The scene was created in 3ds max and rendered with Vray. The interior shot took about 24 hours to render on a single quad core i7 machine while the exterior took around half that. I really had to increase the samples and subdivisions due to the fact that the whole scene was lit using a dome light with an overcast HDR. So the samples of that were set to around 96. It took a while to get the noise under control but was worth the longer render times.

I look forward to exploring more of Seattle’s modern architecture in the future!

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