Local Seattle Architectural Pics

Here’s a selection of photos I took of local Seattle suburban/residential architecture…

seattle architecture

Coming from Wales (as well as having lived in England), seeing the local Seattle residential architecture is quite inspiring. Although we have great historical architecture back home, more recent architectural styles are very much lacking…

Yes, in the UK (especially Wales) we have castles and, for example when I lived in Chester, we have Victorian and Tudor buildings and that’s pretty much impossible to top. But when it comes to our housing styles of recent decades, there’s a very sort of Harry Potter, Privet Drive vibe throughout the country. So it’s very refreshing to see the local Seattle architectural themes to inspire new visualization projects and photography.

I’m currently living in Edmonds which in about 30 minutes north of Seattle and soon to move to Seattle itself. Here’s some images of one of the more upmarket areas of Edmonds.

architectural visualization seattle

Firstly, there’s a lot of variety in Seattle/Washington residential architecture, as evidenced in these pics.


There’s also, in these more upmarket properties, some quite serious landscape design going on, something also very much absent in properties back home in the UK (even larger properties lack in this dimension). I think it makes for a very striking and pleasant appearance.


This image below is one of my favourites. The exterior is matte charcoal all over with a seemingly tinted affect to the windows which looks almost chrome in the sunlight. Accompanying this is the angular pathway which makes for quite a graphic appearance. The organic landscaping and its colors contrasts nicely with the anonymous dark tones of the rendering. In fact the darks of the house push forward any other colors next to it by default. I wonder if this aspect is by design?

architectural visualization seattle

To again touch of variety, this property has some Spanish flavours going on.

architectural visualization seattle



This photo below is from a different neighbourhood in Edmonds, Seattle. The theme can often drift into that of log cabins and pushes the natural wood cladding. Sits very comfortably among the dense coniferous trees that populate Washington State.

architectural visualization seattle

I hope I did the local architectural landscape justice in these pics. I plan to make more photography trips to aid in my architectural visualizations. Here is my first such attempt which is a modern interpretation:

architectural visualization seattle

Also check out this blog post of the Seattle architectural styles through the ages.

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